Mick Hughes
Physio, Grad. Cert. Sports Physio, B.Ex. Sci. MAPA, MSPA, MSMA


Mick is an experienced Sports Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist with nearly 20 years of experience of working with injured patients of all ages and all types of injuries.
In addition to the physiotherapy degree, he completed a degree in exercise science and he is completing a post-graduate master in sports physiotherapy.

In the last few years, he has sub-specialized to the lower limb and has expertise in ACL injury management and ACL injury prevention. He has a great understanding of injury prevention strategies, biomechanical analysis, load management education, and resistance training programming.
Mick has got a passion for education and educating health professionals, and has co-authored the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide.
He has developed a website called www.learn.physio, that is a platform to share online learning videos centered on evidence-based sports physiotherapy information that can be watched anytime, anywhere.

Mick has previously worked for elite sporting teams such as the Collingwood Magpies Netball team, Newcastle Jets U20s Soccer team and North Queensland Cowboys U20s Rugby League team, and although he does not work in sport anymore, he consults regularly with elite sporting athletes ranging from professional WNBA athletes to elite gymnasts to professional Rugby Union players.

Mick’s approach to physiotherapy is a combination of his clinical assessment and diagnostic skills as a physiotherapist, with his skill-set in tailoring exercise programs to the patient’s injury.
As a result, he spends as little time as possible using passive forms of treatment, and he tries to promote active treatment instead.

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