Massimo Di Donato
MSc in Athletic Training, National Ski Trainer


Massimo was born in Turin on April 29, 1959. he is married to Antonella and he has a daughter and her name is Francesca. He had a past as an athlete in alpine skiing, being part of the regional team of Piedmont in his youth and later in 1978 of the Courmayeur Army Sports Group. He attended the Higher Institute of Physical Education in Turin where he graduated as a professor in Physical Education. In 1980 he brilliantly passed the final exam of the 1st ski instructor course in Piedmont. He continued his competitive activity by becoming a bobsled driver and participating in the 1982 Italian Absolute Championships in Cervinia and in the Italian Junior Championships (3rd place). In the same year it begins his career with the Sauze-Sportinia Ski Club, becoming the track manager of the Children category. In 1983 he graduated as a Club Alpine Ski Coach and he was hired by the Regional Federation of Piedmont as an Athletic Trainer, an activity he has been carrying out for 2 seasons. In 1984 he was called to cover the role of Athletic Trainer of the women’s national team A of the World Cup. In this role in the 1984-85 season he participated in the World Championships in Bormio where the bronze medal was won by Paola Magoni, his athlete.The following season he moved on to train the men’s national slalom and giant European Cup team as an athletic trainer. With the European Cup team he remained for the next three years and then moved to the men’s downhill World Cup team in 1988, participating in the 1989 World Championships in Vail-Beaver Creek (USA). He always holds the position of athletic trainer for three years in which numerous athletes trained by him are highlighted, one above all Cristian Ghedina. After three years he changed his job and became manager of the national university team with which he participated in the 1991 Universiade of Sapporo (Japan). In the same year he became national coach, qualifying for national team managers only for at least two years. In 1992 he was called up by the Technical Director of the Women’s sector to found the “Discipline Veloci Femminile” group, which he directed. Subsequently, the group became the women’s European Cup speed team that Massimo managed until 1999 with a brief interlude in the men’s sector, also of the European Cup. In 1999 he was called again by the women’s sector to fill the role of manager in the World Cup group in the Speed Disciplines, where he found some of his athletes who had coached in previous years in the European Cup including Daniela Ceccarelli who will conquer the Olympic gold two years after in Salt Lake City (USA).After this year he leaves the national teams for family reasons and opens the high-performance athletic center Studio Sport 2000 in Susa (Turin) for which he is responsible. Also in 2000, he was called to manage the Sauze d’Oulx Ski Club as Technical Director and manager of the Children group.During the Olympics he holds the position of vice-race director of the speed and combined races taking place at the Sansicario site in the Susa Valley in the Via Lattea area, a role he also held in previous years in the 2004 World Cup races. 2005 and subsequently 2007.In 2004 he enrolled in the European level coaching course set up by Coni, passing the final exam with flying colors with a thesis on the evolution of the assessment and performance of athletes based on the evolution of the materials used from the 90s to 2004. From 2002 to 2006 he was part of the regional council of the FISI Western Alps Committee as head of alpine skiing, bobsled and skeleton. From 2007 he began to collaborate as manager in charge of the Youth category with the Ski Club Sportinia, reborn after many years and which takes up the name of the ski club where he had played in youth. In 2008 he graduated in Sports Sciences at the S.U.I.S.M in Turin and in the same year he brilliantly passed the national course of Skeleton coach. Then he joined the staff of the National Skeleton Team from 2008 to 2010 as head of the athletic preparation of the Youth Group and the European Cup.In the years from 1985 to 2000 he was professor of the Federal Technical School (STF) of the FISI regarding specific athletic training and fast disciplines.From 2008 to 2012 he was professor at the Course in Sport Psychology Operative Unit Sport Psychology S.U.I.S.M. of Turin. He has also been a speaker at numerous conferences regarding alpine skiing in the performance and prevention of accidents. He has collaborated with numerous specialized magazines on alpine skiing (SCI, SCIARE, RACE) and with the ski school JAM SESSION.

He currently works as a field technician in the Sci Club Sportinia covering the role of manager in charge of the Youth category and has been collaborating since 2010 with the La Jolla Athletic Center in Turin, Italy as an athletic trainer.