Martin Asker
PhD, MSc


Martin is a sports medicine therapist specialised in shoulders and biomechanics. He has worked with different elite European handball teams since 2000 and for the last 15 years with a special focus on youth and adolescent elite players. He works part time at a multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic in Stockholm, Sweden mainly seeing shoulder related problems and part time a researcher and director of the Handball Research Group at the Musculoskeletal & Sports injury Epidemiology Centre at Sophiahemmet University, Stockholm.
The overall aim of his research is to deepen the knowledge in shoulder function and injuries in handball players and the specific aim is to investigate risk factors for, and prevention of shoulder injuries, return to sport criteria and performance enhancement. He also has a special interest throwing biomechanics and its relationship to throwing performance and injuries.
Martin is a very appreciated lecturer and has presented at numerous national and international conferences and been teaching master classes with a focus on shoulder diagnostics and managements for the past 10 years. He has written several peer-review articles and book chapters on overhead athletes and shoulder injuries. Martin is also a board member of the Medical Committee of the Swedish Handball Federation and head of the medical team of the Swedish youth-18 national handball team.

Courses held by this instructor