Chris McCarthy
PhD, PGD Physio, PGD Biomech, PGD Manip Ther., FCSP, FMACP


Dr Chris McCarthy is a Consultant Physiotherapist at The Manchester Movement Unit, Manchester School of Physiotherapy. After qualifying as a Physiotherapist in 1989 he undertook post-graduate training in Biomechanics and Manipulative therapy at Strathclyde and Coventry Universities before undertaking a PhD degree in rehabilitation within the faculty of Medicine at Manchester University.

He has published over 60 peer reviewed papers on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and diagnosis and spoken at over 50 conferences. He has taught internationally on Combined Movement Theory, and lectures on a number of the Masters courses in Manual Therapy in the UK.

He is a member of the international advisory board for Manual Therapy journal and regularly reviews and publishes papers in the academic field of Manual Therapy. He has been the Chair of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists, twice, and was awarded a Fellowship of the MACP and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy for advances in Manual Therapy in 2010 and 2011.

Chris’s book “COMBINED MOVEMENT Theory: Rational Mobilisation and manipulation of the Vertebral Column” has sold worldwide and Chris has recently written the chapter on Manual Therapy and Pain for the second edition of Elsevier’s popular  Pain: A Textbook for Therapists. In addition, he is one of the contributing authors and editors of the recently published Grieve’s Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (2015).

He now runs the clinical department of the Manchester School of Physiotherapy, working clinically, supervising students and undertaking Post-graduate teaching and research.

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