Alli Gokeler


Alli obtained his degree in Physical Therapy in 1990 from the Rijkshogeschool Groningen. From 1991-2001 he worked as a physical therapist in the United States and Germany. Upon return to the Netherlands, he obtained a degree in Sports Physical Therapy from the Utrecht University of Applied Science in 2003. In 2005 he started on his PhD project at the University Medical Center Groningen, Center for Rehabilitation. Alli has a special interest in motor control after ACL injuries.

He is currently working on a post-doc track with a special focus on development of prevention programs designed to reduce incidence of ACL (second) injury rate and associated occurrence of osteoarthritis.


I want to share my clinical driven research with you to inspire health professionals to embrace innovative knowledge to reduce sports injuries. My lectures and courses are designed to present the most recent and relevant, state of the art information for the prevention and treatment of knee injuries.

Courses held by this instructor