Course features
8 modules lasting 3 days each plus online modules with a top-notch international faculty of instructors.
Course in English with simultaneous translation in Italian
Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, medicine & physiotherapy students graduating in 2021 and professionals equivalent to PT’s can register for this course
PT, PhD, Clinical researcher, IRFU Injury Surveillance & Medical Research Officer
Nicol Van Dyk is a physiotherapist and clinical reasearcher at the Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha,...
BPhysio(Hons), PhD
Dr Clare Ardern is a physiotherapist and clinical researcher addressing questions around return to play after...
Dr Lee Herrington is a Physiotherapist, researcher, and lecturer in sport injury rehabilitation with over 150 peer reviewed journal publications in assessment, treatment of injury and rehabilitation...
MSc, OMT, MAACP, MCSP, BSc , Head of Performance Services & Lead Physiotherapist - GB Boxing
Ian has been a sport physiotherapist for over 20 years, with considerable time spent managing the sports science & medical services for the Great Britain Boxing programme. He has attended all major...
PhD, BSc (Physio), SMISCP
Eamonn Delahunt is a Professor in the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science. Professor Delahunt is a first-class honours, first place in class, UCD BSc (Physiotherapy)...
Sports PT
Lolita participated with the Swiss Delegation at the "Jeux de la francophonie" in Abidjan in 2017, the European Games in Minsk in 2019 and as a volunteer for the Youth Olympics Games in Lausanne in...
Sport Scientist @NFL Buffalo Bills, former Lead Sport Scientist @Chelsea FC/Brighton and Hove Albion/NHL Buffalo Sabres
Jo Clubb is an Applied Sport Scientist with the Buffalo Bills National Football League (NFL) team in the...
PhD, Postdoc injury prevention
Dr. West’s research has focused on injury prevention and injury epidemiology in Professional Rugby Union in the...
PT BSc, MSc, PhD
Andreas Serner is a Physiotherapist and Clinical Research Scientist from Denmark....
Ian has been a physiotherapist for nearly 30 years. He worked as a physiotherapist for England Rugby Union, for 14 years, in with various teams, and spent the last 6 years working with the Elite...
MSc, PG Dip, BSc (hon)
Alex has spent over 15 years supporting athletes, staff, and teams to perform in moments that matter; preparing for and delivering at five Olympic...
Technical Lead (S&C) at English Institute of Sport, PhD Researcher and Performance Consultant
Tom is currently employed at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) as a Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach and Technical Lead. As a coach, he primarily supports British Rowing athletes whilst also...
MSc, S&C Coach
Chris has been working in elite sport for over 15 years and holds a post graduate certificate in Creativity, Leadership, and Innovation from Cass Business...
Fearghal Behan is an Irish musculoskeletal researcher. Fearghal commenced practice as a Chartered Physiotherapist in Ireland following his undergraduate and Master's...
PhD, MSc, BSc, Sports Biomechanist
Sam Allen is a Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics at Loughborough University.  He graduated from the University of Birmingham with a B.Sc. in Sport and Exercise Sciences in the year...
Sports Psychologist
Lucia is a Clinical Psychologist and a Psychotherapist working in Milan and...
PhD Translational Biomedicine
Thomas Zandonai is a Lecturer and Research Collaborator at the Department of Pharmacology, Paediatrics and Organic Chemistry and at Sports Research Center of Miguel Hernández University of Elche,...
Chief of Preventive and Rehabilitative Cardiology & Sports Medicine Service (Cardiocentro Ticino), Sport & Exercise Medicine Switzerland (SEMS) Certified
Dr. Bruno Capelli completed his studies in Varese and Pavia (IT), graduating in Internal Medicine and Surgery in...
Biomedical Engineer
Diana graduated in Biomedical Engineering in 2001 at the Politecnico di Milano with a study in Bioengineering of rehabilitation and prothesis on: “Uso della Gait Analysis in bambini affetti da...
Marco was born in Rome on October 18th 1978, married to Ludovica, father of two children (Antonio and Giulio). He completed his medicine degree in October 2003 with a score of 110/110 cum laude at...
PT BSc, Cert.RUSI, Cert. CMT, Lecturer University of Parma
Eraldo is a physiotherapist graduated at the University of Parma, where prior to start his career as a physiotherapy student, he studied for 3 years Medicine and Surgery in order to have an extensive...
PT, Sports PT CAS, MS Biomechanics, Swiss Swimming National Teams Physio, Ph.D. student
Sebastiano completed a 4 years BSc in Phisiotherapy in Lugano (Switzerland) with observerships and clinical rotations in top-ranked clinics in the US. Then completed a Sports Physiotherapy...
He has always worked in the sports field, particularly in the field of rugby. Actually since 2003 he has worked in partnership with Gran Parma Rugby (2003), Crociati Rugby (2009-2010) and Noceto...
Orthopedic surgeon, Head of the Knee Team Canton Ticino
Luca graduated in Medicine & Surgery at the University of Turin (Italy), after which he moved in Switzerland to complete his specialization in orthopedics and...
Introduction Marco was born in Imperia and graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the Università degli Studi di Milano. In 1996 he completed his PhD in Human Physiology at the Università degli Studi...
Certificate Program (rescheduled due to the pandemic - starting date in November 2021)


The “INTERNATIONAL SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY CERTIFICATE” is a post-lauream certification pathway created by NOVAVIA Project under the monitoring of a Scientific Committee composed by International Experts who share the common aim: guarantee the highest quality and most complete post-graduation CPD educational pathway ever offered in order to become a Sports Physiotherapist. It’s actually an unprecedented educational program at International Level.

The faculty includes international experts involved in a variety of professional clinical sports setting (Heads of Rehabilitation and/or Chiefs of Performance for Olympic teams, National Teams, teams playing in some of the best European Championships in different sports, Coordinators of some of the most worldwide renowned rehabilitation and training facilities), Clinical Researchers and Academic Instructors. All of them have been coordinated by the Scientific Committee to standardize and guarantee the highest standard of teaching and learning.


This educational pathway is organized over a program composed by 8 teaching modules, each of them lasting 3 days on average (usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday). All the contents have been defined in line with the best M.Sc.’s in Sports Physical Therapy offered worldwide. The most recent clinical evidences emerged from Sports Medicine scientific research are the background needed to build up a solid clinical reasoning to be applied to the different scenarios of prevention and sports rehabilitation. Each module has been planned to meet as much as possible the 11 Core Competencies & Standards  of the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapists (IFSPT), a step needed in order to give to the participants the opportunity to develop and collect the required skills for the registration as International Sports Physical Therapist (RISPT).

The process of learning and teaching will be mainly focused on practical sessions with clinical reasoning, assessment, and progression of treatment, all combined with lectures, clinical cases, and group discussions. For a well-rounded understanding, the participants will be involved in the practical sessions to directly try new technologies, devices to test programs in clinical practice. During all the practical sessions the participants are constantly monitored by the instructors and the assistants they have trained. These sessions are characterised by typical Sports Physical Therapy “on field” simulated situations.

Quick decision making (what to do in the very first moments after an acute injury), allowing or not the continuation of the game of an athlete in presence of a trauma (both in training and in-game situation), team-working with the medical staff both in person and from remote, referring or not the athlete to the ER or to the Specialist with the appropriate indication, observing in the operating room while the athletes undergo surgery, developing a tight professional relationship with the surgeon and the team doctor, designing the rehabilitation program being fully aware of the trauma of the injury added to the trauma of the surgery itself and intimately knowing the performed surgical procedure and being able to answer all the questions about prognosis and recovery time that come from the athlete, team, coach and the other stake-holders. Nevertheless, injury prevention, step by step testing until the Return to Sport, Strength & Conditioning, developing understanding skills and critical thinking about the Sports Medicine scientific literature, recovery strategies in athletes, on field first aid in sports settings, Psychology of Sport and a lot of other required skills for Sports Physical Therapists.

Each topic and module will be taught by top-notch international experts in that specific field.

All the material will be printed and shared with the participant in a handbook every time for each module, as well as all the videos of the practical sessions that will be shared in an innovative format. This choice allows the participants to focus on the practicals without the hassle to record with tablets/smartphones.

All the modules will be delivered in English and consecutively translated in Italian.

An ideal instructor-participants ratio will be assured due to the presence of numerous assistants directly trained by the instructors during the practical sessions.


At the end of the “INTERNATIONAL SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY CERTIFICATE” the participants will be able to:

  • assess the risks of injury associated with an athlete’s participation in a specific sport
  • create and implement prevention programs for the most common injuries related to the different sports
  • respond appropriately to acute injury in both training and competition contexts
  • evaluate the movement, the physical and performance-related profile of the athlete before and after the injury
  • use clinical reasoning and therapeutic skills to design all the rehabilitation phases for the athlete in a multidisciplinary team in a shared decision making way
  • use Evidence-Based interventions recognized by the International Scientific Community (Evidence-Based Practice in Sports Rehabilitation)
  • assimilate the high-level clinical expertise of the faculty of instructors
  • implement Return to Sport testing
  • promote an healthy lifestyle in the general population and athletes specifically
  • apply critical appraisal to the scientific literature for a professional lifelong-learning and for implementing the evidence in relation to rehabilitation and return to performance in the clinical setting
  • manage in a professional way the economic resources, the recovery of the athletes and the time in the sports field\
  • integrate Evidence-Based Sports Physiotherapy with the most recent technological and innovative solutions for monitoring, measurement and objectivation of the rehabilitation intervention


These are the 11 Core Competencies & Standards set by the ’International Federation of Sports Physical Therapists (IFSPT), that NOVAVIA Project and the Scientific Commettee used in the development of this post-graduation certification pathway (the target has been to meet these Competencies and Standards as much as possible):

  1. Injury Prevention
  2. Acute Intervention
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Performance Enhancement
  5. Promotion of a Safe, Active Lifestyle
  6. Life-Long Learning
  7. Professionalism and Management
  8. Research Involvement
  9. Dissemination of Best Practice
  10. Extending Practice Through Innovation
  11. Promotion of Fair Play and Anti-Doping Practices


At the end of the educational pathway the participants will receive the NOVAVIA Project Diploma of attendance of the “INTERNATIONAL SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY CERTIFICATE”.

All the participants to the certificate will have a FREE 1-year online subscription to the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT).


JOSPT (Journal of Sports Physical Therapy)

Swiss Swimming & Aquatics (Swiss Swimming National Federation)

Swiss Basketball (Swiss Basketball National Federation)



  • Registration fee (early booking)* CHF 4.840** - until April 2nd, 2021
  • Registration fee CHF 5.550**  starting from April 3rd, 2021
  • -10% for members of our partners, OMPT, MSc, PhD

If you prefer paying in installments:

  • Registration fee (early booking IN INSTALLMENTS)*  until April 2nd, 2021: deposit of CHF 561**, 1st installment of CHF 1.800** within 20 days before the 1st module of the Certificate, 2nd installment of CHF 1.400** within 20 days before the 3rd module of the Certificate, 3rd installment of CHF 1.200** within 20 days before the 6th module of the Certificate
  • Registration fee IN INSTALLMENTS*  starting from April 3rd, 2021: deposit of CHF 637,50**, 1st installment of CHF 2.000** within 20 days before the 1st module of the Certificate, 2nd installment of CHF 1.600** within 20 days before the 3rd module of the Certificate, 3rd installment of CHF 1.400** within 20 days before the 6th module of the Certificate

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