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Physical therapist



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Vision of a new way

NOVAVIA Project srl is an Italian company co-founded by physical therapists (please check the details in the CONTACT US web page).
NOVAVIA’s vision is as follows: it’s never too late to learn, especially when the focus is people health.
Mediocrity, superficiality and ignorance are not admitted, excellence is the only possible option.

NOVAVIA is a company that deals with education in the rehabilitation field. Its philosophy is based on a profound sense of responsibility towards society, something that drives choices and accompanies the ideation and planning of the events.

Organising courses is not the objective, aiming to arrange attractive courses is not the benchmark we are looking for, the real project is based on the creation of effective and innovative courses, capable to enhance physiotherapists’ knowledge making them conscious, up-to-date and rapidly ready to satisfy the society healthcare requests.

NOVAVIA was born from a combination of professionals. People that with passion and dedication are involved in the rehabilitation field and education in the healthcare sector and that have decided to combine their individual skills to create an innovative learning project with an international overall view.

Every course is carefully designed relying on the most recent knowledge and evidences, seeking the most highly qualified international instructors and planning the event in order to ensure the participants a maximum involvement.

It’s a #newway, anyway.

Tell me and I forget
teach me and I may remember
involve me and I learn.
(B. Franklin)